MEM Watches is almost 3 years old now and we think itโ€™s about time that we introduce the awesome people behind it! Without the love and dedications by these awesome crew, MEM Watches wouldnโ€™t be what we are today!


This is how we do it โ€“ our Creative Department had prepared a set of questions and distributed it among the crews. The crews then have to answer each and every one of those questions (some of the answers are quite hilarious, ahh these crazy people).


Starting next week, we will be posting 2 profiles each week for your entertainment (and ours). Sooo, we hope you enjoy this!


This special โ€œGet to know the crewโ€ post is fully dedicated to the crewsโ€™ of MEM Watches as a token of appreciation!


Remember โ€“ MEM Watches love you!

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